10 Powerful Marriage-Building Activities

Ever heard the old saying that “nothing worth having comes easy”? Or what about the saying “there is no substitute for hard work”? Having a good, healthy marriage doesn’t come by accident. It takes effort and hard work. The reality is if you aren’t paying attention to improving your marriage, it will eventually suffer. Be proactive and create … [Read more...]

Grace for the good enough

Having a tough mommy day? How about a tough mommy weekend? Travel back in time with me to August 2008. My husband was out of town for five days so I did what any self-respecting woman would do, I called my mom. She graciously agreed to come from Colorado to stay with the kids and me for the weekend. Did you notice that I said it was August? … [Read more...]

What our waiter taught us about relationships

Today's guest blogger is Dr. Chris Ebberwein, a fellow psychologist and good friend who lives in Wichita.   After my wife, Katie, and I got engaged in the summer of 1993, we went to noon mass at my local Cathedral, met some family in a park across the street, and then had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Savannah River. It was a whirlwind of … [Read more...]

My !#@*&% cat and what she reminded me about being a child of God

This is S’more, or Smitten, as she is often called. On Christmas Day 2013, my husband wrapped a box of cat toys and gave it to us.  The kids and I had been wanting a kitten and this box of toys represented his willingness to go along with it.  It probably didn't hurt that my daughter had been telling him that "all she wanted for Christmas was a new … [Read more...]

Celebrate Life

Last year on this date I wrote about the loss of my good friend, Christine. In my post Ordinary Days I shared about two “ordinary days,” one in 2008 and the other in 2012, that were special to each of us. Shortly after I published my post, Christine’s sister sent me the actual journal entry Christine had written back in 2008 about our evening … [Read more...]

If you can’t make it better don’t make it worse

Have you ever made it “worse”? I have...countless times. One such time was two years ago when my family decided to go fishing on a beautiful summer afternoon. Both of our vehicles were needed to transport our motley crew (which included our two kids, my son’s best friend, our nephew, two dogs, fishing poles and two coolers filled with food and … [Read more...]

How to get back on track when you’ve gone off course

Now that you have broken all of your New Year’s resolutions, let’s talk. There’s nothing magical about January 1st. Or Mondays, for that matter. Yet, how many times have we waited until a new week or new year to make a change? It is as if we believe that if we wait until Monday all of the willpower we have been lacking the rest of the week … [Read more...]

Holding the hands of suicide & hope

My heart joins those mourning the loss of Robin Williams this week. I did not know him, but his work is woven into the fabric of my life. I was a young girl living in Colorado when “Mork and Mindy” was on TV. I felt special that the show was set in Boulder, a city less than an hour from my house. I was in high school when “Dead Poets Society” was … [Read more...]

3 ways to help you bounce back from family conflict

Yesterday I was in a collision with my family. This wreck did not consist of twisted metal and broken glass.  Instead, four bad days collided into a heap of frustration, jealousy, exhaustion, stubbornness and regret. My collision course started at 4:15 am when cement trucks rumbled through my neighborhood to finish road construction.  My oldest … [Read more...]

“Gloriously brutal” also known as “My journey through parenthood”

My kids grew up this weekend. No, not literally, but it sure feels like it. When the weekend started they were developing at a normal rate and somewhere between Friday and Monday, they hit warp speed. My son proudly announced today that he is now officially taller than I am. He’s been gaining on me all year, but today he passed my mark on the … [Read more...]